Initial cards

Initial cards
working on Initial Cards for friends' birthdays

Monday, 19 June 2017

Drawing and writing!

WOYWW # 422

Zentangle Style cats and dogs

These drawings will be cards to keep and some to donate.I took another bunch to the Animal Welfare Thrift shop, and they really liked them. All the others have sold.

My Little Card poems book
These are just the first rough sketches.I need to rework them later, but I like how they are coming along. As I write  down the various verses, I get better at thinking of more.It's funny how they just seem to pop into my head-often one or two lines at once.I now carry pen and paper with me at all times! 

 I write the poetry during the day, and the drawings I mostly do at night.I seem to draw better at night. 
These will be edited later, and the type of verse gathered together in a sequence 
I am having fun!! 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Messy Table

Now made 75 little dolls for boys' Christmas gift of toy and book.
                                                      Girls' Toys
I have only made 56 girls' toys, so am catching up.My goal is to make 100 girls' gifts, and 100 boys' gifts. 
                                 What they look like in their cellophane packs
The organisation I make things for and donate to is HERE
The organiser (Rachel) recently obtained $  100,000 to help her cause! That means 1,000 children will get a back pack if they have to go to Emergency Foster Care.I love Rachel, she does all  this for free, as well as having 3 kids and working Full Time!! She also makes everyone who helps feel special.Why wouldn't you want to help someone as dedicated as her- apart from the fact that it's a worthy cause!