Flat Dolls

Monday, 10 April 2017

Initial Cards

Thank you so much for your encouraging words re my low mood lately.I feel a bit self indulgent, and also cross with myself. All part of the process I think.

Drawing Initial Cards to keep me distracted.
These have been fun.I am half way through the alphabet! I just have to complete them.I keep wanting to start new ones!I think I might get some Distress Oxide ink pads and try doing other type of backgrounds for these.

I'll be redoing some of these as I over-worked these.I do like the idea though.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

What's up this week.

For some reason, making this a small, private blog doesn't allow me access? I don't want to spend the time working this out, so let's leave things as they are...ie a public blog!

This week I began drawing "Initial" cards and I must say this is fun!! First, I am making them for people I know, then I may put some into "the shop". 

The first few, aren't that great, but I am improving as I go along.I also made a few Easter cards. They were for another project, but I abandoned that idea. I'll show the cards next post.

I have recently placed some of my cards in a Charity Shop for women.I'll be going there once every 2 weeks to change the display, and this is the next display to go up. I chose to display cards that I'd made with a stamped image, as I had sold some cards previously when I'd donated them to the shop.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Flat Dolls on the table this week

WOYWW # 407
Flat Doll Central here!

I am now designing my own little Flat Dolls. I draw them on paper first,then re-draw with black pen.The next stage is to trace onto cotton fabric, them sew onto a backing fabric.I use felt or  quilt batting.

I am loving Barb Owen's course. She has several doll designs, but I am still working my way through the Painted Muse section, as they are "Flat Dolls", and I find making them to be delightful.I have made these before, but not in  quite the same style.I made them when I was making Fabric books a while back.
                                        One little Flat Doll completed.

                                         New Card

I had to repaint this stamped image for this card.I think she looks ok now. 

New Flat Dolls. 

Like most of us when we have an image in our heads of what we want to make, and the result is way below what we'd hoped, it does feel disappointing. However, I am determined to make them like I imagined, and each one gets a little closer to what I'd like to see. They are so adorable to make, that it doesn't matter if these first ones are less than I'd hoped. 

LOVE this AND the music!

Also found this tutorial for dress .


Gamsol seems like it is a mineral spirit like methylated spirits. As an asthma sufferer, I'm not keen to risk the Gamsol, but have found Baby oil to be an ok substitute.I might get soime Gamsol at a later stage and use a mask.For now the Baby Oil is ok.

Prisma Colour pencils